Director, External Payroll and Finance

Sonoma County Office Of Education   Santa Rosa, CA   Full-time     Accounting
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Posted on June 11, 2020

Director, External Payroll and Finance

To organize, direct, coordinate and supervise payroll and retirement functions and related accounting duties and financial activities for the County Office and school districts of Sonoma County; to provide technical accounting, payroll and retirement support to school district accounting, payroll personnel and County Office staff utilizing a computerized financial accounting system; to participate in the more technical and complex financial record-keeping activities; to prepare financial statements and reports and to perform related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
This job class exercises responsibility for supervising the day-to-day activities and operations of the County Office's external payroll/retirement office and for ensuring the accurate and timely processing and maintenance of fiscal records and reports related to payroll, accounts payable and general and subsidiary ledger accounting transactions. This job class requires the application of a substantial amount of technical terminology, organizational knowledge and understanding of laws, policies and procedures and supervisory knowledge and skill; and functions at a full management level of classification.

Supervision Exercised and Received:
Employees in this class receive minimal supervision within a broad framework of policies and procedures. Employees in this classification direct, supervise and formally evaluate the work of others. This position reports directly to the Deputy Superintendent, Business Services.
Example of Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties and Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Organizes, directs, coordinates and supervises the activities and operations of the County Office's central accounting and payroll office related to auditing of school district, junior college district, joint power agencies and County Office accounting and payroll and retirement documents; maintains accounting records for same.
• Works collaboratively with County Office departments, schools districts, junior college districts, joint power agencies, County of Sonoma Auditor-Controller-Tax Collector and other public, state, federal and local agencies.
• Trains, assigns, schedules, supervises and formally evaluates the work of assigned staff.
• Performs technical accounting and support functions in the maintenance of district and County Office financial, accounting and payroll and retirement records.
• Supervises and participates in the review and verification of classified and certificated retirement records. Supervises the posting, balancing and reconciliation of payroll and retirement records and accounts. Supervises and participates in payroll preparation for school districts, County Office, junior college district and joint power authorities.
• Maintains and/or directs the maintenance of payroll and retirement records and files.
• Establishes and implements internal procedures for the processing of payroll; recommends changes in existing procedures to increase efficiency.
• Audits district and County Office payroll ledgers and reports periodically for accuracy; reconciles payroll data and posts accordingly.
• Ensures that the required payroll documents are prepared to interface with the computerized financial accounting systems.
• Reconciles payroll ledgers/data to other county office and district accounts.
• Oversees and supervises the auditing and distribution of warrants to all employees and vendors.
• Prepares a variety of reports to meet federal and state requirements in a timely manner.
• Makes deposits for federal and state taxes and ensures that such deposits are made within the prescribed timelines.
• Acts as an information source to County Office employees and district personnel regarding payroll and related procedures, activities, operations and standards.
• Advises districts in the preparation and review of payroll and retirement reporting, including interpreting regulations and implementing changes in reporting.
• Receives, investigates and resolves accounting, payroll and retirement related problems.
• Reviews, interprets and implements changes and/or modifications in programs, procedures and operations.
• Develops strategies to resolve complex payroll and retirement issues.
• Acts as the liaison between the County Office of Education and the County Auditor-Controller-Tax Collector’s, working within the County Auditor-Controllers-Tax Collector's prescribed rules and procedures.
• Implements and updates checklists used by external County Office to ensure all day-to-day processes are completed.
• Assists and prepares workshops and manuals relevant to payroll and retirement matters and may present at workshops when assigned.
• Supervises the reporting of county-wide 1099 and W-2 forms annually.
• Verifies and oversees the distribution of W2 forms and 1099 forms.
• Prepares all district and County Office W-2 Corrections and 1099 Corrections.
• Balances Federal and State payroll tax reports.
• Reconciles W2s to the year’s federal and state tax filings and contacts and works with the IRS, EDD and Social Security when there are discrepancies.
• Balances payroll clearing fund accounts.
• Reviews ledgers and other fiscal and payroll records for technical and arithmetical accuracy and works with the district to make necessary corrections.
• Balances accounts to controls.
• Prepares a variety of governmental statistical or financial reports regarding accounting and payroll activities and operations in a timely manner.
• Acts as the County Office and district representative with the IRS, EDD and other governmental agencies at the direction of the Deputy County Superintendent, Business Services.
• Effectively communicates, interprets and disseminate information regarding State and Federal laws and regulations affecting payroll for the districts and County Office.
• Assists in establishing new or modified accounting, payroll and retirement procedures and methods.
• Interfaces with Information Technology to update software for computer record-keeping systems; designs and develops macros for worksheets.
• Acts as an information source to directors, managers, and accountants regarding accounting, payroll and retirement policies, procedures, standards and requirements.
• Researches accounting and payroll related problems for school districts and provides solutions.
• Performs special assignments and projects as assigned.
• Makes independent determination on accounting, payroll, retirement and financial record-keeping problems; applies appropriate rules and regulations in consultation with appropriate agencies, legal counsel and auditors.
• Attends meetings as required; presents in-service workshops to district personnel as needed.
• Performs related duties as assigned.

Employment Standards:

Knowledge of:
• Principles and practices of governmental accounting, payroll and record-keeping as they relate to California school districts; and methods, procedures and terminology used in technical accounting work.
• California State school finance and payroll laws and regulations.
• Provisions of the Education Code School Accounting Manual and other state and federal regulations pertaining to public school accounting and functions.
• Complex mathematical calculations, double-entry bookkeeping principles and procedures as they related to assigned area(s) of responsibility.
• Data processing and its relationship to all facets of accounting and financial record-keeping functions.
• Standard English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
• Standard office machines including computers.
• Safe work practices.

Ability to:
• Interpret and correctly apply Education Code, policies and procedures and contact regulations.
• Understand the organization and operation of the County Office, districts and other outside agencies as necessary to carry out assigned responsibilities.
• Use discretion and maintain confidentiality as appropriate when communicating with others.
• Work independently in a variety of situations; work on several major projects simultaneously and follow through on tasks with minimal supervision.
• Coordinate assigned projects with County Office departments, districts, schools, community and other agencies.
• Deal effectively with a wide variety of personalities and situations requiring diplomacy, friendliness, poise and firmness.
• Respond promptly to requests of internal and external clients; provide needed information, assistance, training, materials and resources.
• Plan, organize and prioritize own work to meet deadlines and accomplish assigned tasks within established timelines including maintaining accurate records and files.
• Maintain an orderly work environment and perform tasks in prescribed and safe manner.
• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during performance of job duties.