Santa Rosa City Schools

Santa Rosa, CA


Santa Rosa City Schools is comprised of two districts: Santa Rosa Elementary School district (grades K-6) and Santa Rosa High School district (grades 7-12). The high school district is larger than the elementary school district. Other elementary school districts in and around Santa Rosa feed into our middle and high schools. Enrollment: Approximately 16,000 students Employees: Approximately 1,600. About 900 certificated employees (teachers, counselors, administrators who have a teaching credential) and about 700 classified employees. Schools: 24 schools 9 elementary schools 5 middle schools 5 high schools 1 continuation high school 4 charter schools School Board: 7 members elected by trustee area In the more than 160-year history of our school district, our community's greatest challenge came during the wildfires of October 2017.

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Santa Rosa City Schools
211 Ridgway Ave, Santa Rosa, CA